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    KU HUNG-MING (1857--1928), the author of the Book “The Sprit of the Chinese People”, one of his representative works written in English by him. He is called “a linguistic wonder” and legendary figure in Chinese modern history. He mastered English, French, German and Russian languages and once wrote poems in Latin. He is an overseas Chinese and learned in the UK from childhood. People till now are amazed at his eccentric acts and behaviors and admire him more for his perfect English language ability. The Book was first published in 1915 in Peking. The Book interprets the spirit and shows the value of Chinese civilization in contrast to the European civilization. The contents of the Book are specifically as follows: I. Preface II. Introduction III. On Chinese Civilization IV. The Chinese Woman V. The Chinese Language VI. John Smith in China VII. A Great Sinologue VIII. Chinese Scholarship --- Part I IX Chinese Scholarship --- Part II Appendix The Religion of Mob-Worship or The War and the Way Out




















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    Confucius gave the name of Spring and Autumn to this book because the object of the book is to give the real moral causes which govern the rise and fallthe Spring and Autumn of nationsThis intelligence of a domesticated animal is an intelligence which comes not from reasoning nor from instinct, but from sympathy, from a feeling of love and attachmentIn modern times all over tha world to-dayand I am sorry to say now also in Chinathe lawyer, politician, magistrate and president of a republic make the policeman do his duty by fraud"The docility of the Chinese," says the late DrSearch the history of over 298 billion web pages on the InternetIn this broad universal sense of the word, I say Confucianism is a religion just as Christianity or Buddhism is a religionBut Reason, as it is generally understood, means our reasoning power, that slow process of mind or intellect which enables us to distinguish and recognise the definable properties and qualities of the outward forms of things


    .that we Chinese do not hold that a woman has no soul, but that we hold that a woman, a true Chinese woman has no self.""Spoken as well as written Chinese is, in one sense, a very difficult languagePaul the law of the mind of the flesh, and very well defined by the famous disciple of Auguste Comte, Monsieur Littre, as the law of self-preservation and reproduction; but the true law of our being called by StIf you ask a conscientious Christian why he believes in God and obeys the rules of moral conduct, he will rightly answer you that he does it because he loves ChristBut then Plato and Aristotle in ancient times, and Rousseau and Herbert Spencer in modern times also made a synthesis of civilisation, and tried to give a true idea of a StateAn excellent read - the first and main chapter in particular provided me with some long-sought insights on some of the foundations of Chinese thought and behaviour, as it explores the connections between Confucianism, religion and the social structures provided by the particular Chinese arrangement of family life.In a broader sense, I think the book allows you to engage with traditional conservative discourse at its best - it reads as a heartfelt defense of the beauty of Chinese civilization, for better or worseI, therefore, say it is fraud because while they thus demand the sense of honour from the policeman; they, the lawyer, politician, magistrate and president of a republic in modern society believe, openly say and act on the principle that there is no morality, no sense of honour in politics


    Now we have got, I think, a clue to the secret of sympathy in the Chinese peoplethe power of sympathy which gives to the real Chinaman that sympathetic or true human intelligence, making him so inexpressibly gentleTherefore philosophers, like Spinoza, "for whom," it has been said, "the crown of the intellectual life is a transport, as for the saint the crown of the religious life is a transport," do not feel the need of religionPhilosophy also enables the philosophers to see method and order in the universe, and that lightens for them the burden of this mysteryIt is certainly true that in China even the mass of the people do not take seriously to religionThe lawyer, politician or president of a republic who tells the policeman this, I say, uses fraudIt secured once for all the stability and permanence of the family in ChinaBut the value of religion is that the words of the rules of moral conduct which the founders of all great religions have left behind them have, what the rules of morality of philosophers and moralists have not, this inspiration or living emotion which, as Matthew Arnold says, lights up those rules and makes it easy for men to obey themBut he, the poor policeman, is also a part of that societyto himself and his family, at least, the most important part of that societyMy other illlustation is this 171bf2437f



    Stop by Sailrite.com for the best in fabric, sewing supplies, tools and amazing sewing do-it-yourself projects and guides.Hung-ming Ku is the author of The Spirit of the Chinese People. with an Essay on Civilization and Anarchy (4.00 avg rating, 5 ratings, 2 reviews, publish.Gu, Hongming. From Library of Congress Name Authority File. Details; . found: Sang, J. Ku Hung-ming ti yu mo, 1985: t.p. ( = Ku Hung-ming) p. 34, etc. .Hartmut Walravens, editor. Richard Wilhelm (1873-1930); Missionar in China und Vermittler chinesischen Geistesguts. Schriftenverzeichnis, Katalog seiner chinesischen .

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